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New Air Travel Requirement

Covid Testing for International Fliers

Covid Test

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All visitors returning to the USA by air now must present proof of a negative Covid-19 test administered no more than three days before their return flight. As you may imagine, this new ruling has our dive destinations and resorts arranging to have the testing available. Additionally, some destinations are now requiring that arriving guests have proof of a recent negative Covid-19 test.

Island Dreams has been tracking these changes. Our Caribbean destinations are advising us of their testing procedures and details. Many of our favorite dive resorts have arranged to provide the return testing on-site.

Resorts are assisting guests to schedule rapid testing and results are received within the timeline. Costs vary but average around $50 per test. In some instances, the resorts are generously assuming the expense of testing on behalf of their guests.

A question that quickly comes to mind is, what will be the outcome should a guest test positive for Covid-19 while traveling? In such a situation, resorts have arranged to provide quarantine lodging and meal services.

If are curious about a specific destination or resort, please give Island Dreams a shout. In the meantime, the links from Belize and Anthony's Key Resort (Roatan, Honduras) provide a good examples of how Caribbean destinations are handling testing for their guests. The CDC link provides full details of the new requirements.

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