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Travel Insurance Protection

Island Dreams strongly recommends that you purchase travel insurance to guard against trip cancellation or interuption, trip delay, lost baggage, personal injury, etc. Of course, when all goes well, you don't "need" insurance. We at Island Dreams hope that is always the case in your travels, whether you elect to purchase insurance or not. But in the event of untoward circumstances, which can and do occur, travel insurance may be a great boon to you.

PLEASE NOTE -- Island Dreams is not an insurance company, nor an underwriter. We supply these links to insurance-related information simply as one more courtesy service to our valued clients. As such, Island Dreams assumes absolutely no responsibility for the services offered by any and all purveyors of travel insurance, nor any related services. Please read your prospectus carefully, and understand that your insurance contract is between you and the insurance company -- NOT with Island Dreams Travel.