El Galleon Resort's Modern New Kitchen

Itís taken most of 2008; but El Galleon has completed construction of its new kitchen. Those who have watched it evolve say that it is one of the best kitchens in the Philippines.

With the help of some of the Philippines' finest and best-known chefs, the design and flow of the kitchen is perfect. The top-quality Fagor kitchen equipment arrived all the way from Spain, and was installed by end of the first week of September.

The restaurant already has some great new items on the menu and in time will have many more great mouthwatering suggestions. The kitchen staff are delighted with the many new and improved ways they can now cook and prepare for you.

With Christmas approaching you can be sure El Galleon's chefs will be hard at work to come up with meals youíll find hard to believe exist in this pristine yet remote part of the world. So to you all the diving world, from El Galleon Resort, Bon Appetite...let's eat!

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