El Galleon Resort & Asia Divers
Puerto Galera, Mindoro Island, Philippines

El Galleon Resort - Puerto Galera, Philippines

Comments from El Galleon Guests

The following comments are from guests on Island Dreams' El Galleon group tour

Copyright Ken Knezick - Island Dreams "An all around, expectation exceeding, delightful experience. The accommodations, the staff, the food, the diving were all very well executed to make the experience one that made you want to come back for more. The transportation was seamless and the staff in both the dive operation and the resort very eager to please. I would highly recommend both Kenís operation, Island Dreams Travel, and that of El Galleon and Asia Divers."
Jeff Spaid -- UT

"With Ken as trip leader, how can it be less than stellar? El Galleon had the ideal setting, right beside the dive shop and launching point of dive boats. The rooms were very comfortable but choose poolside if you don't want to be "upwardly mobile" in the seaview rooms, which are 2 or 3 floors up. Food was delicious and chef Antoine, after my asking what went into the wasabi fish, took me into the kitchen and showed me how to make it. The diving was great!"
Karin McCollum -- NV

"My first trip to dive in the Philippines will not be my last. Island Dreams took care of all the travel details, El Galleon Resort handled the experience, and together they made for a delightful vacation. The service at El Galleon was excellent, the food was wonderful, and the diving was spectacular. I was truly impressed at how this resort was set up for divers. The skill and attention to detail of everyone on the dive deck made the diving relaxing and fun, while the friendliness of the staff made the out of the water time enjoyable. At first nine days of diving seemed like a long time, but it just flew by and now I have new dive buddies and some wonderful memories."
Diana Richard -- OK

"Ken, it was an awesome trip. I mean truly great. We had such a wonderful group. I have to tell you I am blown away by how my lost luggage issue was handled. My checked bags didn't make it to Manila with me, but they were delivered to El Galleon the next day. It took many groups (people) working together to smooth that all out and it was with amazing swiftness. You obviously deal with the very best operators. I am so pleased to be an Island Dreams frequent traveler. It was such a pleasure getting to know you better and get a very full appreciation for the lengths you go to to make the trip a great one for everyone. Thanks so much for all you do. Looking forward to the next one."
Diana Green -- OK

"Admirable service all round...entire staff only too pleased to be of assistance. Good food and plenty of it. The best dive support operation I have ever met. Accommodation clean and well serviced. Verde Island diving great with excellent visibility. Soft and hard corals in superb condition on local dives but visibility not as good as hoped for. Very few large fish.... an occasional grouper, but that is all. Great variety of nudibranchs and other strange small stuff like a hairy frogfish. Competent divemasters. Sea view accommodation is high up the cliff-side.... it's hard to climb 61 steps after a series of dives. If you don't want to hike, stay by the pool!"
Julian Lamborn -- UK

"The resort was clean neat and the food was fantastic. We stayed in a pool view room that was a little dark but for the amount of time we spent in it the room was perfect. We asked for a portable fan and were provided with one immediately and the following day the maintenance staff installed an oscillating fan on the wall. The diving was great. Donít miss Verde Island. It was well worth any extra charge and we went twice. Part of the group went three times. Do the Boat Yard too. We saw ornate ghost pipefish on several dives and frogfish on nearly every dive. The dive operation was stellar. All resort and dive operation personnel went out of their way to make sure everything was to our satisfaction. Ricco our boat captain watched for me in the morning and followed me to the camera room and carried my camera down to the rinse tank and waited for me. I dipped it and he carried it to the boat. He would bring it in from the boat at the end of every dive. Our dive guide Pete gave me his old pair of force fins after I lost one rolling off the boat in some murky water. Speaking of the camera room it was one of the nicest I have ever seen. Everything was well thought out, right down to low pressure air at the stations."
Jim Morus -- OH

"Thanks for leading us on another dive adventure. You and Tina do a wonderful job of taking care of the details and making things so easy for us. El Galleon exceeded my expectations. For the past 15 years we have been diving in many different parts of the world and have experienced a variety of resort and dive operations. El Galleon is one of the best. Our sea view room had a spectacular view of the sunrise each morning. Food was well prepared and plentiful. The dive staff was always there to help when we were going out for a dive and when we returned. They did an excellent job of maintaining an ever changing schedule. I felt the dive guides were very competent. Some of the dives were very advanced (currents and reduced visibility). Since we stayed there a week after the group departed, we were able to see how the resort might operate when they were not in group mode and trying to impress a dive travel business owner. Truthfully, the level of service did not change. Instead of a buffet, our lunch and dinner were ordered from a menu. This gave us a chance to try some local dishes. The food continued to be very good. Although our dive boat group changed continually, the dive operation continued to impress me. I think we were led by almost every dive guide and they all had different styles. However, they all seemed to have a primary interest in safety and having the divers enjoy the dives. Thanks again for another great group trip."
Nancy Sandler -- FL

El Galleon Resort - Puerto Galera, Philippines

Copyright Ross & Terry Whiteside "Terri and I want to thank you and Tina for organizing and coordinating a fantastic Philippines trip! The diversity and abundance of fish and corals was outstanding (especially at Verde Island). We were really impressed with El Galleon Resort and Asia Divers. El Galleon had excellent customer service with great attention to detail in all operations. We appreciated Alan's generosity at The Point Bar and overall great value received at El Galleon. The dive operation was well organized and very efficient. A special thanks to the dive shop manager who fixed Terri's BCD (for free!). Hat's off as well to Chef Antoine. Ken, you have a special talent for finding the best value at the best diving locations in the world. That is what makes Island Dreams so special! Thanks again for putting together a fun group that really bonded to make this a memorable adventure!"
Ross and Terri Whiteside -- Texas

"Lonnie and I would like to thank you and Tina for another very well organized and outstanding trip. The diving around Puerto Galera was very diverse and gave us an abundant variety of creatures to view. El Galleon Resorts' owners, Alan and Andy, are to be congratulated on running a very finely tuned dive facility. The El Galleon Resort personnel are also to be commended on their outstanding service and attention to making sure we wanted for nothing. Chefs Antoine and Gilbert also went overboard to make sure we feasted well. A special thanks to The Resort for the anniversary cake. The thought was greatly appreciated and the cake was delicious. Thanks again and we will see you on a future trip."
Greg and Lonnie Kearney, California

"Dear Ken and Tina. This trip was an awesome journey through an amazing array of spectacularly diverse underwater sea life. The dive masters and crew were top notch and professional in all respects, personable and uplifting. Everyone always had a smile. Situated in a beautiful little cove one is constantly amazed at the ever present spectacular view. The chef impressed and surprised us daily with his diverse culinary delights. The owner and all the personnel went overboard in their attempts to entertain and make our stay there as enjoyable as possible. Our "60's Night" party was the perfect finale to a thoroughly enjoyable 10 day stay. Thanks again for a great trip!"
Kerry Schmidt -- Bedford, TX

"Ken, thanks for sharing your photos with us. Having been putting tours together and taking divers on trips for almost 30 years, I was amazed how well our El Galleon adventure went. It is not easy planning for potential problems. I remember the good old days, bulk air, everyone travels together, all transfers at one time. You did a wonderful job with a much more complicated itinerary. One of the high lights of the trip was you musical talent. Goes without saying El Galleon, and staff was great. Would, and have, recommended this tour. Thanks for including my little group."
Jimmy Atkinson, Coral Rewards -- Texas

"Ken & Tina: Once again, job well done. What a wonderful group and El Galleon Resort and Asia Divers do an outstanding job. I had a fantastic time and am looking forward to my next Island Dreams vacation." (Diana also submitted the two great photos presented just below...taken during our El Galleon trip)
Diana Green, Oklahoma City, OK

Copyright Diana Green - taken at El Galleon Resort, Puerto Galera, Philippines Copyright Diana Green - taken at El Galleon Resort, Puerto Galera, Philippines
Juvenile Painted Frogfish --- Photos by Diana Green --- Hairy Squat Lobster

"The trip to El Galleon was my first BIG scuba trip in about 8 years. What a great trip to get reacquainted with my ocean friends! My focus was narrowed to a multitude of small unique critters, and the larger ones too, especially the variety of frog fish. Without a doubt, El Galleon is one of the most organized, well run dive resorts I have had the pleasure of experiencing. My compliments to Mr. Alan Nash. The food was wonderful each and every meal (I didn't miss one)! The staff, in all areas, were always friendly and ready to assist. Forever I will remember the ringing of the ship's bell at the Point Bar! A special thanks to Ken for keeping the restless natives in line, a job well done. I throughly enjoy myself and intend to keep my gills wet from here on."
Kathy Arrington -- Dallas, TX

"You do such an amazing job of coordinating everything and making everyone feel comfortable. What a fun and diverse group we had! It was a great trip, a great experience all around, so......MANY, MANY thanks for your efforts on our behalf. Your hard work and attention to detail does not go unnoticed."
Sue Goodman -- Lansing, MI

"Everything about our dive vacation at El Galleon exceeded our expectations! The El Galleon Resort and Asia Divers staff are to be commended on the exceptional service they provide every guest. And they seem genuinely happy to do it. The diving was spectacular and the camera room was quite impressive. Ken and Tina went out of there way to make sure we were taken care of, even when that meant helping us make some changes to our overnight lodging in Manila the last day. Keep up the great service, we look forward to traveling with Island Dreams again!"
Edward & Karen Butler -- Texas

El Galleon is a comfortable resort smack dab in the middle of amazing diversity. I enjoyed the spectacular variety of sea life, especially macro subjects. The dive operation (Asia Divers) is top notch, well organized with every staff member eager to help. El Galleon is an outstanding value for the quality of the resort and diving offered."
Phil Sokol -- San Diego, CA

El Galleon Resort - Puerto Galera, Philippines

"Fabulous biological diversity with differing reef settings and outstanding macro fauna. Great food and plenty of it with five-star service from dive masters to housing service and everything in between."
Jeff Knoop -- Marquette, MI

"John and I have traveled on several Group Tours with Ken and have also scheduled numerous vacations through Island Dreams. We recently went to El Galleon with Ken on his group tour. Ken is such a pleasure to travel with. Always there to make sure everything is just perfect. He lets you have your vacation but checks in with you the whole time. Really relaxed group tour guide with attention to perfection!!!! El Galleon was great! The staff was always available to help with any question. The food was amazing, the French Chef was always checking to make sure everything was just perfect. If you did not see what you wanted on the buffet they were happy to make what you wanted. The diving was wonderful. The dive guides knew the sites well and, they checked the tide table to make sure the currents were perfect for the dive. They asked you what site you wanted to go to. The boats and crew were great. Nice size so not overcrowded. Our guide was Pete and he was the greatest. The Point Bar was a lot of fun. Massages were great. What can I say just an overall great vacation. We will be going back for sure. We are looking forward to our next trip with Ken as well."
Corby Van Druff -- San Francisco, CA

"Thanks Ken for another great trip. The El Galleon resort and staff are terrific. The dive masters really know the dive sites and will let you dive either slow or fast. This is a wonderful location for photography as the diversity of live is great. The resort staff is very helpful and will do anything for you. Just ask!! Bill and I had a great time and can't wait for the info on Island Dreams upcoming Lembeh/Manado group trip."
Bill & Karen Plank -- Folsom, CA

El Galleon Resort - Puerto Galera, Philippines

"Incredibly efficient, very well-organized dive operation. Short boat rides. Most dives one hour. Great photography but mostly macro. Many good divers and all very courteous. Expect some repeat dives. Night dives excellent. Dive masters very good to fantastic. Food and rooms good. Very good camera room. Did the trip with a broken wrist but with all the help was not a problem."
Michael Braunstein -- Las Vegas, NV

"Well Ken I had a GREAT time. Our dive guide Ali was fantastic, informative and taught all of us quite a bit about diving in current which was great. The whole staff was wonderful and very attentive. The diving was beautiful and I saw all sorts of new things. Thanks again, can't wait to come back."
Rebecca Kastner -- Hailey, Idaho

"Traveling in a group trip with Ken is great.Whenever there is a hiccup in things, which can sometimes happen on trips, he is there to help sort it out. That alone makes traveling much less stressful. As for El Galleon, this has to be one of the best values out there. From the great food prepared by the french chef and his crew to the very professional dive staff, that hand you warm washcloths after every dive. To the dive shop manager who is a great equipment technician, that helped some folks with their gear that wasn't right, and saved a lot of grief. I plan on going back!"
John Amador -- San Francisco, CA

"We're barely settled in from the Philippines dive trip and already looking forward to the next one. We really enjoyed the attentive service we received at El Galleon, the fabulous food (thanks to Chef Antoine), and above all, the great diving. I'm so glad I finally got to see frogfish! The trip definitely exceeded our expectations."
Nancy Walker -- San Diego, CA

"Thank you for a wonderful trip. The diving was great. Best food we have ever had at a dive resort. The staff is the best. Ken, you did a fantastic job! We have already booked to come back next year."
Suzanne Andersen - Salt Lake City, Utah

"Thank you for organizing such a fabulous adventure! I had no idea what to expect in the Philippines, and was wonderfully surprised by the place. Sandy and I are still feeling the afterglow. We look forward to future trips with you!"
David Walker -- Berkeley, CA

El Galleon Resort - Puerto Galera, Philippines

"This was my first trip with Ken and it could not have been better! Everything was so well organized and all I had to do was concentrate on having fun. Philippines and El Galleon turned out to be a wonderful place to stay and do some of the best diving in the world. Thanks Ken and all the staff at Island Dreams, Asia Divers, and El Galleon Resort."
Donna Graham -- Waco,TX

"Great diving. Our guide Larry made us feel safe and the whole dive experience fun! Awesome critters and coral underwater, felt like flying at times with the current. Fun night dives, comfortable setting, good choices in food, good company, and wonderful friendly staff. The 5:30 am power walks with Ruby, Allan, and the roosters were memorable! Thank you Ken for sharing your pictures and the t-shirts, and for taking the best care of our group! I love this country and its people!!"
Mary O'Donnell & Mike Davis -- Upper Peninsula, Michigan

"Dive operation superb, best I have ever experienced, extremely well organized despite the large number of divers. The entire dive staff waited on us hand and foot; they would probably have carried me to the dive boat had I asked. Extremely careful with equipment and camera gear. Most dives were over an hour bottom time, with night dives upon request."
Deb Berglung -- Bozeman, Montana

"El Galleon was a wonderful resort with an attentive staff and excellent service. The food was great. Top to bottom - a well run resort with an excellent dive operation. Ken and Tina could not have set up a better trip. Kudos to Island dreams and El Galleon for a wonderful time. The diving was outstanding and the support from the dive operation was first rate. Our dive master was fantastic and his skill, knowledge and competence thoroughly enhanced the experience. I strongly recommend El Galleon and Asia divers for an optimal Philippines dive vacation."
Joshua Sokol -- Denver, CO

El Galleon Resort - Puerto Galera, Philippines

"Thanks for a wonderful and exotic trip! We had great diving, great treatment from all the staff, a fun mix of people, and just a super time. We'll have wonderful memories of another Island Dreams dive trip!"
Barbara Zavar -- Hellertown, Pennsylvania

"Asia Divers runs an excellent overall operation. With around sixty divers and eight boats and a small setting and one pier, one might expect confusion, but it runs smoothly. The operations staff, boat crews, and dive-masters are all experienced and diligent people who work to make the divers' experiences pleasant ones. The diving was very good, although April 2010 offered diminished visibility -- between 20 and 40 feet locally. Although many of the local dives were fine (especially the Sabang wrecks and Hole-in-the-Wall), I was especially impressed with the Pinnacle at Verde Island: the wall there simply lacks imperfections and the visibility is partly limited by the sheer mass of schooling anthias and other small fish. :-)
Bob Ayers -- San Jose, CA

"The Phillipines trip was absolutely wonderful. The travel from the USA is rather grueling, but is worth it for the diving. The resort was very well run, Asia Divers was also a superbly run process and the food was good. They had coffee ready for us at 6:00 each morning so no complaints from me. The surface could be rough and the currents could change on you, but it was all very manageable. The very best of all was the hot face cloths waiting for you when you got out of the water and back on the boat. The first time I have ever experienced that and as the week progressed, I absolutely looked forward to those cloths. The diving was great. This trip finally convinced me to get nitrox certified. I would definitely go back to the Philippines and I will go back to El Galleon and Asia Divers again. That says it all, to me."
Glenda Pruner -- Prairie Hill, Texas

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