Comments from Recent Guests to
Sangalaki Island -- Kalimantan, Indonesia

Sangalaki Island is located off the East Coast of the island of Borneo, in part of the Indonesian state of Kalimantan. The following candid comments are provided by recent guests whoe recently visited Sipadan and Sangalaki during July 1999.

"Sipadan was very high energy. The huge schools of barracuda and jack, the large turtles, and the lion fish were my favorites. Seeing the egg laying by the female turtles, even at 2:30 a.m., was awesome. Sangalaki's macro diversity was fantastic. The blue ribbon eels were my favorites there. Again, having turtles laying eggs on the beaches around our cabins every night was unforgettable. I'd be remiss to forget to mention the superb support provided by Borneo Diver's operations staff and the wonderful people that work at the resorts. They were the best operation I've every experienced. Their hard work and very friendly attitude made the trip extra enjoyable for me." Barbara Zavar

"I saw more turtles and sharks in two days at Sipadan that I have in ten years of diving the Caribbean. I liked Sangalaki better than Sipadan simply because it was so much less crowded. Also, the individual huts at Sangalaki were much nicer than those of Sipadan. The food and service at both places was GREAT! Going on a dive safari with (Island Dreams' owner) Ken Knezick has got to be the best way to travel." Jeff Zavar

"Sangalaki's friendly and accommodating staff provided absolutely the best service I have ever experienced at a dive resort." John Ringrose

"Highlights of the trip were the turtles and white tip sharks of Sipadan, and the cuttlefish encounters at Sangalaki. The friendly and highly professional staff of Borneo divers made our experience all the more enjoyable." Richard Delezen

"Sighting a manta ray on our first dive of the second day really started the trip on a high note. The dive staff was warm, friendly, and very helpful. What a great experience." Rose Layton

"What a great vacation! No, this was an adventure all the way. The travel, food, people, sights, everything was new to us. As for the diving, Borneo Divers was wonderful. Sipadan and Sangalaki offered us all we were looking for in this dive vacation, from large critters to wonderful macro life. Would we do it again? You bet! Thanks Island Dreams, for making our thirtieth anniversary the best vacation ever." Tanya Lopez

"My most memorable dive experiences on Sangalaki were watching a cuttlefish laying eggs in the coral, a crinoid walking on a night dive, and snorkeling with the amazing jellyfish in Jellyfish Lake. It took a lot of travel time to get there, but Island Dreams, Ken, and Borneo Divers all worked together to make it as enjoyable as possible. Above all else, the best part of Sangalaki was the setting - the island itself. Our cabin, with its view of white sandy beach, the gentle lapping of the ocean, and the swaying palm and pandanas trees, was right off the pages of "Adventures in Paradise." Top that all off with sea turtles nesting by our cabin every evening and getting to watch the baby hatchlings make their way to the ocean for the first time. A most enjoyable and memorable trip!" Christine Van Valkenburg


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