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Copyright Susan Young FIJI UPDATE -- Susan Young's Dispatches from Fiji

Island Dreams' dive travel specialist Susan Young provided a very helpful report from her trip to Fiji. A scuba instructor with her 100-ton ship captain's ticket, Susan lived for 15 years on the island of Grand Cayman, where she worked as a manager for Red Sail Sports.

When she travels on behalf of Island Dreams, Susan stays in touch with the office via emails which describe her experiences along the way. A compilation of her messages are reproduced in this report.
We hope that you will find Susan Young's unique insight and boundless enthusiasm helpful as you plan your own Fiji adventure.

Find it here: Susan Young's Dispatches from Fiji

Where's the kitchen sink? SAFE TRAVELS -- Travel Tips for the 21st Century

ALERT to New Baggage Weight Limitations -- This is an aspect of air travel that is currently experiencing immense change...and they are assuredly not making it any easier for the traveler.

Be advised that most domestic flights are now limiting passengers to a single checked bag, with a maximum weight of 50 pounds. A second bag may be checked, but at an additional charge of $25 to $100 or more per bag.

Some, but not all, international flights may still allow two bags at 50 pounds each. Overweight bags will be charged a penalty, or with increasing frequency simply denied loading aboard the aircraft. Carry-on bags are also being limited in both quantity and weight.

Don't be surprised at the gate. Phone your airline in advance, and/or check with their web site, and ascertain current baggage allowances. Then pack accordingly, or be prepared to pay extra.

Read the entire report here: Travel Tips for the 21st Century

COMMENTS -- Guests Speak Out on Wakatobi

Wakatobi Dive ResortIsland Dreams Ken Knezick has had plenty to say about Wakatobi...yes, he loves the place. But for another opinion, you can hear what a group of recent Wakatobi guests had to say for themselves.

Read the guest comments here: Wakatobi Guests Speak Out

Enjoy photos my Wakatobi guests: Wakatobi Guest Photo Gallery

Also see Ken Knezick's most recent Wakatobi Report: Wakatobi Update

TRAVEL REPORT -- Little Cayman Beach Resort

Jawfish with Eggs, copyright Tom CollierThomas Collier, Travel Coordinator for the Houston Underwater Photographic Society, reports on the recent HUPS trip to Little Cayman Beach Reosort

"Bloody Bay Wall is an awesome dive location with many dive sites. The water was crystal clear with very little current - a perfect location for underwater photography. The corals were in good shape with plenty of the usual tropical fish. No large marine life to speak of with the exception of turtles, rays and the resident groupers (who are extremely friendly). A couple of reef sharks were spotted and an eagle ray was also seen several times. Sailfin blennies, jawfish (many with eggs), lobsters, sting rays and turtles were seen and photographed on most dives.

"A morning boat trip to the Tibbets, a Russian destroyer, sunk off Cayman Brac was another highlight of our trip. There is an modest additional charge for this excursion but well worth it. The wreck is an excellent location for wide-angle photography; although so is all of Bloody Bay Wall. Our only dilemma was what to shoot - Wide-angle or Macro? This dive trip to Little Cayman certainly offered up an abundance of both."

Read Tom Collier's complete story here: Little Cayman Report

Philippines Photo Gallery

Copyright Ken Knezick -- Island Dreams

Pair of Anemone Fish at Puerto Galera, Philippines - copyright 2010, Ken Knezick


Clown fish shout, Puerto Galera, Philippines - Copyright Ken Knezick, Island Dreams Philippines Photo Gallery -- Puerto Galera and Sabang Bay
Underwater Photo Essay by Ken Knezick - Island Dreams Travel

During April 2013, Island Dreams' owner Ken Knezick conducted another group of intrepid scuba divers to El Galleon Resort, Puerto Galera, Philippines. This time around it was a group of 38 fine folks, enjoying a ten night stay and making up to four scuba dives per day. The photographs in this gallery will show you what the diving is like.

All the underwater images here were made in the waters around El Galleon and Puerto Galera. Many of the critter pictures are from the Sabang Wrecks or La Laguna Point. Both of these dive sites are only a one minute ride from El Galleon's pier. The wide-angle, blue-water shots are from Verde Island. This trip I did not photograph on Alma Jane shipwreck. That wonderfully accessible wreck dive is just a one-minute boat ride away from the dive shop.

As you will gather from this selection of images, Puerto Galera offers a great variety of diving. Here you may enjoy everything from top-quality critter diving to beautiful blue water and coral reefs swarming with anthias and schooling fish. The opportunity to enjoy some interesting, and very safe, wreck diving is just icing on the cake.

The topside shots are from the amazing party that El Galleon threw for us on our final night. Billed as a 60's and 70's night, the superb dancers are all members of the El Galleon staff. The fire dancers were brough over from White Beach special for this evening, and too they were really hot! Here's hoping you enjoy this gallery, and that perhaps these photos will inspire you to visit Puerto Galera for yourself. Yours in diving, Ken Knezick

Copyright Ken Knezick, Island Dreams
Warty Frogfish
Copyright Ken Knezick, Island Dreams
Copyright Ken Knezick, Island Dreams
Juvenile Cuttlefish
Copyright Ken Knezick, Island Dreams
Porcelain Crab
Copyright Ken Knezick, Island Dreams
Shrimp with Eggs
Copyright Ken Knezick, Island Dreams
Larval Ghost Pipefish
Copyright Ken Knezick, Island Dreams
Shrimp and Gobies
Copyright Ken Knezick, Island Dreams
Peacock Flounder
Copyright Ken Knezick, Island Dreams
Starfish & Friend
Copyright Ken Knezick, Island Dreams
Shrimp in Fire Urchin
Copyright Ken Knezick, Island Dreams
Zebra Crabs
Copyright Ken Knezick, Island Dreams
Verde Island Diving
Copyright Ken Knezick, Island Dreams
Mating Nudibranchs
Copyright Ken Knezick, Island Dreams
Longhorn Cowfish
Copyright Ken Knezick, Island Dreams
Smooth Puffer
Copyright Ken Knezick, Island Dreams
Anemonefish Tending Eggs
Copyright Ken Knezick, Island Dreams
60's & 70's Night
Copyright Ken Knezick, Island Dreams
Fire Dancers
Copyright Ken Knezick, Island Dreams
Fire Dancers
Copyright Ken Knezick, Island Dreams
60's & 70's Night
Copyright Ken Knezick, Island Dreams -- All rights reserved.
Do not copy these images without prior explicit written permission.

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