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Travel Tips for the 21st Century

by Ken Knezick - Island Dreams Travel

Travel Tips - Table of Contents
  • Hurry Up & Wait
  • Connecting Flights
  • Fall-Back Option
  • Travel Insurance
  • Packing for Success
  • Weight Limits
  • Weigh Your Bags
  • Frequent Fliers
  • Extra Luggage
  • Tag Your Bags
  • What to Wear
  • Carry-On Luggage
  • What to Carry On
  • What Not to Carry
  • Hot-Button Topics
  • Value of a Passport
  • Renew Your Passport
  • TSA Pre & Global Entry
  • Travel with a Smile
  • More International Travel Tips

  • Since 9/11, air travel has become an increasingly complex and potentially frustrating affair. Additional regulations and restrictions are continually being added to the mix. Still, with knowledge and patience it is possible to travel safely and enjoyably. With four decades of international travel under my weight belt, I find that I am still learning from my experiences...and my mistakes. The following suggestions are offered to make your travel as hassle free as possible.

    I hope that some of the suggestions offered above will be of value to you. If you have ideas of your own, please share them by sending me an email:

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