Wakatobi Resort - Sulawesi, Indonesia

Wakatobi Beach Dive

Comments from Recent Guests

The following comments are from guests on Island Dreams' most recent Wakatobi group tour

"What an amazing vacation! The entire Wakatobi trip even exceeded our already high expectations. The resort's organization as well as the gorgeous reefs and sealife make it a diver's paradise, not to mention the food… Wonderful! From the start, Island Dreams was invaluable in helping us put the trip together, answering our questions and meeting our needs. In Bali, Ken was an invaluable host during our stays in Kuta and then in Ubud.. Thank you for a most memorable vacation!"
Barbara Greber -- Maitland, FL

"The trip to Wakatobi was one of the best trips of my life. The diving in Wakatobi was amazing with the incredible abundance of species. The night sky, sunsets, food and the staff at the resort were all incredible. I couldn't believe I was so far from all the conveniences of home and yet was getting such good service and food. Bali was also a real highlight for me. I loved our room at Alam Jiwa and the staff there were also very accommodating. Ubud was a wonderful experience. I loved the open market, the food, the tour to the volcano, the shopping and again everyone was so nice and friendly. The flowers everywhere and lush green was a real joy also. The staff at Island Dreams that put the trip together did a great job. Tina went beyond the call of duty with many of our requests which was greatly appreciated. And traveling with Ken was a joy as he shared his years of experience with us which enhanced our experience immensely. I don't see how the trip could have gone any smoother. Thanks to everyone!"
Kathy Jones -- Houston, TX

Wakatobi Pygmy Seahorse - Copyright 2009, Ken Knezick, Island Dreams "I am back to work and daily think of Wakatobi and wish I were still there!!! I want to let you know what an incredible experience I had as a result of Island Dreams Travel's services. I absolutely was stunned by the impeccable service that was provided by the staff at the resort and in the dining room. The food was incredible, varied and abundant and the dining staff tried not only to constantly attend to our every want and need, but tried to address us each by name in the process! Our bungalow was very beautiful and kept impeccably clean and neat! The overnight in Bali was much needed and appreciated, especially the opportunity for an amazing discounted spa massage available immediately upon my arrival after check in. But most of all, I appreciate the phenomenal opportunity I had to dive the pristine abundant reefs of Wakatobi, including the night dive to see the flashlight fish -- thanks again, Ken, for such a unique experience!! Words cannot describe the feeling I had that I had finally arrived in paradise and was able to see reefs so full of life that it was as if God had just finished creating them just for me!! Thank you so much for being a part of such an amazing place and allowing me the chance to be a part of it, too! I hope to travel again with Island Dreams in the future and possible return to Wakatobi someday!!"
Ashley Hough -- Oklahoma City, OK

"I really enjoyed the trip to Wakatobi and thought that Island Dreams and Tina did an excellent job on providing all pertinent information to allow me to have an enjoyable trip. In regards to the time spent in Bali and Ubud after the dive trip, I think you Ken went the extra mile to insure that we had an insight into the Ubud area. The hospitality extended to us was exceptional. Thanks again for allowing me to tag along with you while we were in Ubud, I really enjoyed it. By the way, it rained solid for the next two days. I got a lot of my book read."
Greg Kearney -- Oak Hills, CA

"How many variations on an "awesome" theme do you want? As expected, all the arrangements ran like clockwork. From our arrival in Denpasar when we we were met by a rep from Wakatobi Resort, who insisted on doing everything for us, including paying for our visa (with our well-earned dollars of course), completing our immigration forms, & collecting our baggage. The driver came to pick us up from our hotel in Sanur early, for the Wakatobi departure, which was also comforting. Wakatobi Resort is quite simply as fantastic as ever. The diving, the boats and the service we doubt can be improved upon. Also plenty of very good food and to top it all a happy hour at the end of the jetty with those fabulous sunsets. What else is there??? As if Wakatobi isn't awesome enough, to get to stay in one of our favourite beach bungalows was the "icing on the cake" for us. We were also aware and very appreciative of you looking after all your guests (and ensuring I didn't break any more toes). We also thank you Ken for the dinner at Alam Jiwa & for extending the invitation to Dave & Pong's not-so-humble abode in Ubud. Also many thanks to Tina for arranging things with the Alam Shanti in Ubud, and for making the earth move for us on the last Saturday morning. All the very best to everybody at Island Dreams. Until the next time..."
Rob & Gaynor Mellor -- Perth, Australia

"I know there was a lot of behind-the-scenes things that you and Island Dreams took care of which were appreciated by Walt and myself. This was a terrific adventure for us, but I'm not sure we would have tackled so much on our own without going with a group, and then there's always the added camaraderie that develops in a group that makes it a lot of fun. I know there was a lot of logistics going on which we really appreciated. We loved our Beach Bungalow, the meals were excellent (loved the international and even local cuisine), the schedule seemed a little rigid at first, but having dived a couple of days, I see why they do it that way, and it works well. The boats were fabulous - a little Indonesia fare and easy to dive from and climb on. Of course the reef & marine life was all that we expected, and I was impressed (and still am) with all the support that the resort gives for marine life ID and study and conservation that goes on."
Claire Kennedy -- Nichol Hills, OK

"Wakatobi is an incredibly charming dive destination. The privately positioned huts among the palms, the coral white sand, the sparking aqua blue water and the fabulous marine life is the quintessential "Island Dream." The diving is about the best I've ever had. The dive boats were spacious, the dive staff outstanding and every dive site mixed and interesting. I am still weaning myself from the 5,000 calorie a day meal plant, which in and of itself is a comment on the food. One of the most impressive experiences of this trip was the over the top service provided by Wakatobi and Island dreams. I am not speaking about the service at the resort, while that was exceptional, what really caught my attention was the service provided pre and post trip. I spent a week in Bali before the dive adventure, to see the countryside and the culture of Bali. Upon arriving after 25 hours of travel from Los Angeles and in more than a bit of a fog, I was met at the airport by a smiling and very helpful Wakatobi staff member who handled my visa, handled my luggage, guided me on conversion tables and tipping, and handled my connection to a driver to a hotel unaffiliated with Wakotobi. The same level of attention also occurred on the back end of my trip. This level of service to accommodated my travel needs with services unaffiliated with diving or Wakatobi was the icing my trip. It made my trip stress free and delightful."
Jill Casselman -- Laguna Niguel, CA

Wakatobi Nudibranch - Copyright 2009, Ken Knezick, Island Dreams

Comments from Recent Guests - 2008

The following comments are from guests on Island Dreams' September 2008 Wakatobi group tour

"What a wonderful and unique place!! So glad I came and really enjoyed the diving!! The reels are incredible and the staff members friendly and always smiling. Best of all I met wonderful people and made many new friends."
Carla Walters -- Houston, TX

Wakatobi Anthias - Copyright 2008, Ken Knezick, Island Dreams "I really had an exceptional time, I learned way more than I ever expected, and have a few new friends, I want to come back next year. What a great crew here at Wakatobi, first class all the way, I'm very impressed with how well everything runs here!!"
Frank Enos, Riverside, CA

"A wonderful and marvelous resort. The dive staff is super and so intent on ensuring that each diver sees and experiences many sights and the unique aspects of Wakatobi. This is a world class resort with a world class dive location. We had an experience of a life time."
Bill & Karen Plank - Folsom, California

"Salamat pagi, apa kabir? Wish I had learned more bahasa Indonesia."
Lionell Voight -- Vancouver, BC

"I loved it! A great place to escape. Thanks Ken for being such a great host! This resort defines outstanding service."
John Allen -- Denver, CO

"This was our first time to Indonesia, lovely experience. Service was exceptional, meals plentiful and enjoyable, and pristine reefs for diving (just to take a break from eating). Overall a great and memorable experience! We will return."
Lois Yonash -- North Vancouver, BC Canada

Wakatobi Nudibranch - Copyright Kendal Keyes "I will always have great memories about this trip, and hope I make it back soon. My nudibranch photos are just incredible and I absolutely loved seeing so many sea snakes. After searching for them for an entire week at Palau and not seeing any - here they are - even on the deck with us at happy hour. What a wonderland! Our dive guides were the best ever. Thanks Guja and Coralie! All of the Wakatobi staff members were so attentive and gracious and the food…incredible. I really miss the sambal! Bali was also a wonderful addition to the trip. Our stays in Ubud and in Kuta were a terrific experience."
Kendal Keyes -- Corpus Christi, TX

"Fabulous! Wonderful! Awesome! I can't say enough about Wakatobi… the reef system is great!! Our boat crew on Wakatobi III was amazing, and our dive guide Guia was just a joy. The local crew was great, very attentive!! It was a great experience. I will definitely be back someday."
Lisa Vitale -- Austin, Texas USA

"Thank you, Ken and Island Dreams. We had a fabulous time at Wakatobi, everything went so smoothly. Your staff and you yourself are number one! The diving was indescribable, colors everywhere. You're the best, looking forward to Bali to follow."
Kimberly and Daniel Nickles -- Modesto, CA

"Wakatobi is truly magical. Each day was spent swimming through colorful parades of fish confetti filled with spectacular coral reefs and alien-looking sea creatures. Our goal to finally catch a glimpse of a rare pygmy sea horse, leaf scorpionfish, and the elusive cuttlefish was accomplished with the patience and expertise from our dive guide, Alex, and his 'magic wand.' We became better divers during our many 70 minute dives because of him. Thank you also to Ken at Island Dreams and to the very friendly and professional Wakatobi resort and dive staff who worked effortlessly at granting every vacation and dive wish imaginable."
Carrie Garner and Peter Nickel - - Santa Barbara, CA

"Yeah!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! We saw so many new and interesting things while gliding in the great beautiful blue. Wonderful! If you come to this place you'll be so amazed you'll be saying holy crapatobi!"
Emily and Lynn Waterhouse -- Hawaii

Comments from Recent Guests - 2007

The following comments are from guests on Island Dreams' Nov/Dec 2007 Wakatobi group tour

"The experience here at Wakatobi has been superb in every way. The reefs are beautiful and the sea life unique and special. The divemasters are great at finding the tiny and exotic. The staff members are uniformly friendly and gracious, smiles at the ready at all times. This is a very special place!"
Mary Pearson -- Seattle, Washington

"What can I say? It was just a fantastic stay at a fantastic resort with fantastic food and fantastic diving."
Frank Maselli -- Rye, New York

Wakatobi Wide Angle - Copyright 2007, Ken Knezick, Island Dreams "Mind-Blowing experience, in every way. Excellent all around resort - they have thought of everything here! Flawless travel arrangements by Island Dreams. Beautiful reefs, beautiful people. Get thee to Wakatobi!!"
Marion & Dan Tussey -- New Jersey

"Thank you for sharing your wonderful piece of paradise with us. The diving was fantastic and the dive masters were experienced and great critter finders. I hope to return and look forward to a similar experience. Thank you for protecting such a fabulous area of reef ecosystem."
Jeff Knoop -- Marquette, Michigan

"This dive experience in Wakatobi has been perfect on every dimension. The fish and corals are beautiful and abundant. The boat staff, dive guides and restaurant staff eased our way to be very comfortable in every way. I carry away visions of glowing smiles and beautiful images of underwater nature at her best."
Diane Elton -- Ridgewood, New Jersey

"I don't know how it could have been better. In my dive log, I ran out of superlatives after day two. The food was great; the area is beautiful; the bungalows were perfect; the boats were roomy and well-designed and the staff was exceptional. Thank you for a wonderful experience-it is one I will carry in my memory."
Sue Schaecher -- Denver, Colorado

"This has been the best dive trip I've ever taken! The resort is beautiful and the service is paralleled by none! The dive boats are spacious and well designed. Dive groups are small so there is a great deal of personal service. And the ocean life is incredible! Can't think of any way it could have been better!"
Sara Schaecher -- Denver, Colorado

"I've taken dozens of world adventures mostly solo and chose to join a group for the first time! The attention to detail from my initial contact with Ken and Tina straight through to the flight home- everything was perfect. If the internet connection was faster in Wakatobi I'd book another Island Dreams adventure from my bungalow."
Michael Dreebin -- San Diego, California

"Incredible diving, impeccable service, and awesome food! I have never seen staff work harder or be more accommodating to their guests, than the staff at Wakatobi Resort. Kudo's to Lorenz and team for a job well done!! The resort is laid out well and no guest is far from the dining hall, dive shop, or pier bar."
Gary Javore -- San Antonio, Texas

Wakatobi Guest Photo Gallery

Wakatobi Wide-Angle, Copyright 2007 - Ken Knezick, Island Dreams

You've seen plenty of Ken Knezick's Wakatobi photos on this site, plus those of other professional photographers. Now, for a refreshing change of pace, consider these photos taken by guests on Island Dreams' 2007 Wakatobi group tour. Some of these photos were made with fancy SLR's, while others were accomplished with simple point and shoot underwater camera systems. Either way, we think you'll agree that these talented amateur photographers captured some very fine images of underwater Wakatobi. Big thanks to Phil Sokol, Marion Tussey, Dan Tussey, John Holder, and Larry Polster for allowing us to share their fine work with you. Enjoy!

Wakatobi Wide-Angle - Copyright Phil Sokol
Emporer Shrimp
Wakatobi Wide-Angle - Copyright Phil Sokol
Clown Fish
Wakatobi Wide-Angle - Copyright Phil Sokol
Lion Fish
Wakatobi Wide-Angle - Copyright Phil Sokol
Reef Scene
Wakatobi Wide-Angle - Copyright Marion & Dan Tussey
Puffer & Wrasse
Wakatobi Wide-Angle - Copyright Marion & Dan Tussey
Wakatobi Wide-Angle - Copyright Marion & Dan Tussey
Scorpion Fish
Wakatobi Wide-Angle - Copyright Marion & Dan Tussey
Crinoid Picnic
Wakatobi Wide-Angle - Copyright John Holder
Crinoid on Sponge
Wakatobi Wide-Angle - Copyright John Holder
Wakatobi Wide-Angle - Copyright John Holder
Turkey Fish
Wakatobi Wide-Angle - Copyright John Holder
Wakatobi Wide-Angle - Copyright Larry Polster
Sea Snake
Wakatobi Wide-Angle - Copyright Larry Polster
Wakatobi Wide-Angle - Copyright Larry Polster
Anenome Shrimp
Wakatobi Wide-Angle - Copyright Larry Polster
Lion Profile
Copyright 2008 -- All rights reserved.
Do not copy these images without prior explicit written permission.

Comments from Recent Guests - 2005/2006

"Our Wakatobi adventure will always be a special memory for us. The diving, the resort, the staff and certainly the people we met in Bali, Wakatobi, the village, were fantastic! Thank you for organizing and leading a wonderful trip for us!"
Bert & Joe Campanelli - Houston, TX

"What an excellent adventure! Thank you so much for the great trip and wonderful experiences. I will never forget my Wakatobi island adventure and will loook forward to more great trips in the future."
Tiffany Culp - Duluth, GA

"Thanks for a wonderful trip, and the opportunity to dive and experience Wakatobi with you. We've enjoyed the entire experience and will carry these wonderful memories with us forever."
Greg & Kathy Belew - Charlotte, NC

"For me you have redefined quality in dive travel."
Greg Brown - Dallas, TX

"This has surpassed my 'Island Dream.' Wakatobi was truly magical in every way."
Leilani LeBlanc - Rancho Murietta, CA

"It's astonishing to find such a fabulous resort so far from "civilization." I'm looking forward to my next trip to Wakatobi, to see it continue to grow and mature. I can't think of another resort or live aboard that is in Wakatobi's league. I wonder if I'll ever find one...or if I should even try."
Steve Wood - Dallas, TX

"Wakatobi's house reef is the best in the world!"
Gary G. Graff - Anaheim Hills, CA

"Wakatobi Dive Resort is astounding and Island Dreams did a superb job bringing the trip together. The diving, accommodations, food, and service all surpassed my expectations. Keeping track of the diversity of critters, fish, and coral was overwhelming. The Wakatobi experience takes first place against all my prior dive destinations."
Richard Guidetti - Houston, TX

"Great service from the whole Island Dreams staff. Whomever I contacted, they always had an answer or got one quickly. The emails - from flight scheduling to on-shore recommendations to useful web sites, were all helpful. For me, it was worth every dime and all the time. Wakatobi just got added to my "have to go back" list. And I think it may have booted one or two previous entries off the list."
Curtis Andrus - Dallas, TX

Wakatobi Clown Fish - Copyright Ken Knezick, Island Dreams "This was my first dive trip and I truly believe it will be impossible to top the beautiful resort, outstanding service and incredible diving at Wakatobi - Thanks for spoiling me!!!"
Christy Lewis - Anaheim Hills, CA

"Wakatobi was a dive dream come true. I'm spoiled...and don’t know if I can ever go anywhere else!"
Joshua A Hilman - Crestone, CO

"I thought the trip was fantastic. Diversity, density, and beauty of Wakatobi's diving are the best I have ever seen. The reef and dive sites are pristine. The dives were so beautiful with all the hard and soft corals and filled with so many critters. One morning dive we floated down the house reef, looked at a variety of critters and then floated with three huge schools of fish surrounding us. It was magical, we just didn't want the dives to end. The Bali resorts were very nice also, and the transport very comfortable. I would go on another trip with your group and to Wakatobi again."
Sue Anderson - Sacramento, CA

"Wakatobi exceeded my wildest dreams. The employees are just wonderful as the pristine reefs. The service was incredible and the dive guides the best I ever seen. Thanks to all who worked to make my vacation perfect."
Ramona Mc Lean - West Fork, AR

"Our recent trip to Wakatobi, Indonesia was everything we wanted in a dive vacation—truly pristine reefs, plentiful exotic fish, diving flexibility, warm camaraderie, and a dash of adventure. We’ve had other diving destinations disappoint, when the advertising greatly exceeded reality--but not so here! This trip was truly as wonderful as advertised. Ken, Island Dreams, and Wakatobi Dive Resort all delivered beyond our high expectations. We’ve become true Island Dreams and Wakatobi/Indonesia fans. We’ll be back again, as we now are getting quite spoiled by this kind of premier experience!"
Jeff & Barbara Zavar - Hellerton, PA

"After Wakatobi I'm afraid I'm spoiled for any other diving destination or operation. The trip was absolutely splendid."
Kimberly Dietz - Fort Worth, TX

"Lorenz has built a dive resort surpassing the best live boards."
Lloyd Michel - Dillon, CO

"I loved the accommodations, being so close to the dining area and the diving was great. Thanks for suggesting the things we could bring for the local villagers and the school. I will certainly recomend your trips and your company to all my diving friends. I absolutely loved every moment of the trip! Now I just hope that my pictures come out!"
Pam Wade - Sacramento, CA

Comments from Previous Guests - 2003/2004

"I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Wakatobi. The diving was fantastic and it seemed that the resort dive masters knew where all of the exotic sealife hung out. The accommodations were excellent and the food was spectacular. I felt that every meal was prepared by a 5 Star restaurant. What made this trip my best ever was that every detail was taken care of by Island Dreams Travel. Before we left the USA, we knew all of the idiosyncrasies of our intermediate and final destinations. Every transfer we had to make was easily accomplished. This was a wonderful trip."
Donn Rosen - Houston, TX

"I feel pretty lucky to have made my way to Wakatobi, it really was an incredible place. All the staff there was great. The freedom while diving was initially a bit scary (hey, I only had around 120 dives under my belt ), but soon felt very liberating. Never had I experienced such ease of diving. Resort owner Lorenz has quite the vision, it really shows how much he loves diving & living there. All of my dealings with your company (Island Dreams) was great, and it was wonderful being able to hang out with you & Karen...you made me feel very comfortable. My only recommendation is that you should really stress that folks somehow find some extra time before or after to explore Indonesia, a fascinating country. Thanks for making my trip so wonderful. Where are we going next?"
Jeff Briss - San Francisco, CA

"Our trips (Kungkungan Bay Resort and Wakatobi) were two of the most enjoyable that we have taken in a long time. We got all the diving in that we wanted (Charlotte - 12 KBR; 16 Wakatobi = 28 total), me (31 - KBR; 55 Wakatobi = 86 total) and I should have some great pictures - Star Gazer, Wonderpus, Mimic Octopus, etc. The improvements at Wakatobi in the last couple of years are unbelievable, combined with the same lodge and diving format as before enforces my love of Wakatobi as my favorite diving place in the world! The taxi boat rides in the afternoon increase the variety of the shore diving, and the help by the local staff with cameras, fins, tanks, etc., was the best I've seen in my four trips to Wakatobi. Accomplishing the improvements Lorenz has made without changing the diving format is what makes Wakatobi unique. We don't want a bunch of new rules...it's great just the way it is!"
Michael & Charlotte Caron - Dallas, TX

"My wife and I researched dive locations in the Indo-Pacific region of the world for about a year. Although Indonesia was prominent in our thinking, we were quite unsettled about world affairs and whether this would be a good time to travel to that part of the world. After studying the various locations, we had narrowed the list of dive resorts to two or three. A land based dive operation was necessary since my wife Martha doesn't dive, but is an avid snorkeler and I wasn't going that far from Kentucky without her! At the same time, I thought it would be wise to travel with a group since this would be our initial dive trip to the Pacific area. Now I started researching dive tour operators. I knew that matching this particular location with experienced tour operators for a trip during 2003 might be difficult. We could be so lucky...

I had become familiar with Wakatobi Dive Resort at the "Beneath the Sea" dive exposition in 2001 and at the same show had visited the booth of "Island Dreams Travel", a dive tour operator from Houston whom I was familiar since I had used them on previous trips to the Caribbean. As luck would have it, they had a group going to Wakatobi in September and still had openings. I contacted them and the rest is scuba, snorkeling, underwater photography, long hours of travel and jet lag history!

Wakatobi Beach Dive

We could not be more pleased and excited about our trip to Wakatobi. Being an avid underwater photogrpaher, I stayed busy for 10 days with o-rings, charging batteries and changing film. I made 39 dives and shot 39 rolls of film of some of the most beautiful and exciting creatures and coral that you will ever see! The resort facility and staff are second to none. The boat staff is unbelievable!! They carried tanks, diving equipment and cameras from the equipment room to the boats and from the beach everytime you raised your head above water, they were there to help! The entire staff went way out of their way to provide service and to make certain that the guests were having a good time. The diving is about as exciting as you can get. You never know what you might see, whether a lionfish, frogfish, leaffish, nudibranchs, clownfish, ribbon eels, ghost pipefish, shrimp, etc, etc. Wakatobi is an underwater photographer's dream!

Island Dreams Travel did a fabulous job of putting this trip together. We traveled from Paducah, Kentucky to Southeast Sulawesi, some 22,000 miles roundtrip without one single hitch. That's more than most people could wish for. The Indo-Pacific is a wonderful location for diving and Wakatobi is a wonderful dive resort. It will be difficult to find another dive location with friendlier people, better food, more beautiful corals and more interesting fishlife than Wakatobi. We may not even try."
Don and Martha Peck - Paducah, Kentucky

Comments from Previous Guests - December 2002

"Wakatobi is an amazing destination. It has miles of untouched reefs with a great diversity of soft and hard coral, as well as a large collection of the elusive critters of the Indo Pacific. One of the best and most versatile opportunities is the house reef right off the beach, accessible 24-hours a day."
Kathleen and Delf Hedde - San Jose, CA

"Diving at Wakatobi is just like swimming in an underwater garden. The variety of soft and hard corals is so numerous and colorful. There are anemones everywhere in many different hues, all filled with clown fish. Reef fish are everywhere - all varieties and all colors. For photographers, in particular, this is a must visit dive site. Wakatobi is simply beautiful and must be seen to be believed."
Sean O'Shea - Chicago, IL

Wakatobi Beach Dive

"Jacques Cousteau was right…this is the best reef in the world. Each dive brings on another set of truly wondrous sights. It is a long way from Oregon but the connections were well arranged and I would do it again in a minute."
Steve Denney - Gold Beach, OR

"Absolutely awesome diving - truly an underwater garden. The staff was very helpful and fun and eager to show us cool critters. The food was excellent, I'm sure I've gained at least 10 lbs!! My husband and I will definitely return to Wakatobi."
Jenny Clayton & John Richardson - Enumclaw, WA

"Wakatobi has a reef system so unspoiled; you find no bare spot to hold on to."
Kurt Bachlmayr - Seattle, WA

"As a professional underwater photographer, I've traveled all over this continent. I consider Wakatobi one of the TOP FIVE dive destinations in the world! If you want pristine reefs, incredible colors with tons of fish…plus a fabulous staff all set in a remote, beautiful island, WAKATOBI is it!"
Beverly Factor - Laguna Beach, CA

"Wakatobi is a superb marine life dive destination. It has the fish life, soft and hard coral reefs, and various marine environments for all types of critters. The resort supports shore, wall, drift and anchored dives."
Frank Burek - Montgomery, TX

"F*$%&^' A !!!! Great reef. With all the critters and fish you would ever want to see."
Dave Blatt - Boulder, CO

Comments from Previous Guests, 1996-2001

*** Editors Note: The following comments were written prior to advent of the great new airstrip allowing flights direct from Bali to the resort. Since the elimination of the long boat ride, it has become MUCH more convenient to reach the resort.

"The condition of the reefs, the corals, sponges and tunicates, is outstanding and truly beyond description. Although large pelagics are relatively rare, the diversity and number of tropical fish, nudibranchs, and other invertebrates more than compensates. The accommodations are comfortable but informal and the staff helpful and friendly. Yes, getting to Wakatobi is a challenge, BUT well worth the effort!"
Steve Werlin and Linda Otterson, Dillon Beach, CA

"A truly special and memorable experience! The reefs are almost gaudy they're so lush with color, massive sponges and corals, delicate fans and tremendous variety of marine life. Having the House Reef at your doorstep is quite a treat, to say the least! The resort is quite comfortable, the staff very accommodating and the food a pleasant introduction to Indonesian cuisine. Great opportunity! I feel fortunate to have experienced such a pristine diving location."
Lisa Downs, St. Louis, MO

Wakatobi Lion Fish - Copyright Ken Knezick, Island Dreams "The long journey, plus the challenging dive conditions, make this a destination that is not for everyone. But for the seasoned traveler, who prefers a more remote dive destination supported by a simpler facility, it is worth the effort. Be prepared for strong, unpredictable currents and fine-tune your buoyancy control skills because things are pristine here. Serious photographers will barely get started during the 12-day stay, the diversity is truly astounding. As the days and dives go by, it just gets better and better."
David Allen, St. Louis, MO

"Wakatobi should be for experienced divers only, and for people who are willing to rough it a bit. In return it is a paradise for divers and photographers, both above and below the water!"
Mark Fleming, Houston, TX

"At last a place that lives up to its claim! A diving location to suit the most ardent diver. Wakatobi is unlimited diving at its best. If you look hard enough you can find just about everything you desire. Awe inspiring reef life so pristine that it is hard to envision. I felt honored to be one of the first to dive this wonderland. The dive facility was adequate for such a remote location, and the staff is working hard to make it a stellar resort. Well worth the travel. Island Dreams' Ken Knezick really knows how to put together a memorable trip!"
Dave Hosley, Tampa, Fl

"Best coral I've ever seen on this planet. You can look forward to a cornucopia of marine invertebrates & small tropical fishes. House reef is beyond excellent, it was a real trial deciding whether to sacrifice diving there or take your boat dives - both are great! For advanced divers only!"
Michelle Ginsburg, Tampa, FL

    Island Dreams Travel specializes in exotic dive travel, quite literally spanning the globe. For more information, you may contact us toll free at 800-346-6116, via email at info@divetrip.com, or on the Web at www.divetrip.com.


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