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Wakatobi Resort - Sulawesi, Indonesia

Wakatobi Sunset

Comments from Wakatobi Guests

"Starting at the Bali airport and return, including everything in between, I have never been so well taken care of as I was at Wakatobi."
Jane C. - Florida

"Wakatobi has exceeded my wildest expectations! I am enjoying fantastic diving on some amazingly healthy reefs. Saw my first sea snake and my first Pygmy Seahorse as well! Thank you Island Dreams travel for setting up a true trip of a lifetime experience!"
Rusty B. - Australia

"I just got home last night and can’t quit talking about the trip. It may be the best trip I have ever taken. I can’t imagine any better reef diving anywhere in the world! The resort and ALL of the staff were so accommodating - I am spoiled. Our dive guide, Taz, was the best guide I have ever dived with. He not only helped us find exceptional fish, he would educate us on their behaviors and strange qualities. And just the nicest person you would ever want to spend time with. I really appreciate all you and your wonderful staff do to put our trips together and to coordinate all the help we need as we get to our destinations. The Bali portion of the trip was a great idea - by the time I arrived in Wakatobi, I was ready to dive!!"
Christie G. -- TX

"When asked, we always told people Wakatobi is our favorite place to dive. After our second visit, I am even more in awe of the great diving and customer care they offer. I keep recalling what our dive guide, Mali, said at the end of each dive brief. He asked us if there was anything he could do to improve our dive experience. For me, that sums up the attitude of everyone at Wakatobi. They want to do whatever they can to make sure guests are satisfied. Their reefs are healthy and there are so many fish and underwater creatures to view. Their food is the best. With the quality of the accommodations, the food, and the diving, Wakatobi provides an experience that I do not think you can find anywhere else. Thanks to you, Ken, for being a great group leader. I know you and your staff work hard to put these group trips together and your presence just makes the trip better. And thanks to Tina for always being there to promptly answer any questions. We love Island Dreams."
Nancy S. -- FL

"Amazing customer service! The accommodations were luxurious - very comfortable mattress and pillows which make a huge difference when dealing with a 12-hour time difference and diving four times a day! The quality and variety of food at the restaurant was amazing - truly top-notch including the attentive service. Tina was a wonderful resource and always shared plenty of good info whenever I called. She always responded quickly and it was particularly reassuring to speak to someone who has been to the resorts before. Her tips about the house reef diving were excellent and her arrangements for pick ups etc. went smoothly. Thanks again for a wonderful vacation!"
Meiyin Y. -- Canada

"Thanks to you and your staff for arranging this wonderful trip. I liked everything about it. The travel arrangements (flights, hotels, shuttles) worked perfectly; the “pre-trip” stay on Bali was great; the facilities, food, and service at Wakatobi were amazing, and the diving exceeded all expectations. When are we going again?"
George L. -- CA

"What an amazing vacation! The entire Wakatobi trip even exceeded our already high expectations. The resort's organization as well as the gorgeous reefs and sealife make it a diver's paradise, not to mention the food… Wonderful! From the start, Island Dreams was invaluable in helping us put the trip together, answering our questions and meeting our needs. In Bali, Ken was an invaluable host during our stays in Kuta and then in Ubud.. Thank you for a most memorable vacation!"
Barbara G. -- FL

"The trip to Wakatobi was one of the best trips of my life. The diving in Wakatobi was amazing with the incredible abundance of species. The night sky, sunsets, food and the staff at the resort were all incredible. I couldn't believe I was so far from all the conveniences of home and yet was getting such good service and food. Bali was also a real highlight for me. I loved our room at Alam Jiwa and the staff there were also very accommodating. Ubud was a wonderful experience. I loved the open market, the food, the tour to the volcano, the shopping and again everyone was so nice and friendly. The flowers everywhere and lush green was a real joy also. The staff at Island Dreams that put the trip together did a great job. Tina went beyond the call of duty with many of our requests which was greatly appreciated. And traveling with Ken was a joy as he shared his years of experience with us which enhanced our experience immensely. I don't see how the trip could have gone any smoother. Thanks to everyone!"
Kathy J. -- TX

Wakatobi Pygmy Seahorse - Copyright 2009, Ken Knezick, Island Dreams

"I am back to work and daily think of Wakatobi and wish I were still there!!! I want to let you know what an incredible experience I had as a result of Island Dreams Travel's services. I absolutely was stunned by the impeccable service that was provided by the staff at the resort and in the dining room. The food was incredible, varied and abundant and the dining staff tried not only to constantly attend to our every want and need, but tried to address us each by name in the process! Our bungalow was very beautiful and kept impeccably clean and neat! The overnight in Bali was much needed and appreciated, especially the opportunity for an amazing discounted spa massage available immediately upon my arrival after check in. But most of all, I appreciate the phenomenal opportunity I had to dive the pristine abundant reefs of Wakatobi, including the night dive to see the flashlight fish -- thanks again, Ken, for such a unique experience!! Words cannot describe the feeling I had that I had finally arrived in paradise and was able to see reefs so full of life that it was as if God had just finished creating them just for me!! Thank you so much for being a part of such an amazing place and allowing me the chance to be a part of it, too! I hope to travel again with Island Dreams in the future and possible return to Wakatobi someday!!"
Ashley H. -- OK

"I really enjoyed the trip to Wakatobi and thought that Island Dreams and Tina did an excellent job on providing all pertinent information to allow me to have an enjoyable trip. In regards to the time spent in Bali and Ubud after the dive trip, I think you Ken went the extra mile to insure that we had an insight into the Ubud area. The hospitality extended to us was exceptional. Thanks again for allowing me to tag along with you while we were in Ubud, I really enjoyed it. By the way, it rained solid for the next two days. I got a lot of my book read."
Greg K. -- CA

"How many variations on an "awesome" theme do you want? As expected, all the arrangements ran like clockwork. From our arrival in Denpasar when we we were met by a rep from Wakatobi Resort, who insisted on doing everything for us, including paying for our visa (with our well-earned dollars of course), completing our immigration forms, & collecting our baggage. The driver came to pick us up from our hotel in Sanur early, for the Wakatobi departure, which was also comforting. Wakatobi Resort is quite simply as fantastic as ever. The diving, the boats and the service we doubt can be improved upon. Also plenty of very good food and to top it all a happy hour at the end of the jetty with those fabulous sunsets. What else is there??? As if Wakatobi isn't awesome enough, to get to stay in one of our favourite beach bungalows was the "icing on the cake" for us. We were also aware and very appreciative of you looking after all your guests (and ensuring I didn't break any more toes). We also thank you Ken for the dinner at Alam Jiwa & for extending the invitation to Dave & Pong's not-so-humble abode in Ubud. Also many thanks to Tina for arranging things with the Alam Shanti in Ubud, and for making the earth move for us on the last Saturday morning. All the very best to everybody at Island Dreams. Until the next time..."
Rob & Gaynor M. -- Perth, Australia

"I know there was a lot of behind-the-scenes things that you and Island Dreams took care of which were appreciated by Walt and myself. This was a terrific adventure for us, but I'm not sure we would have tackled so much on our own without going with a group, and then there's always the added camaraderie that develops in a group that makes it a lot of fun. I know there was a lot of logistics going on which we really appreciated. We loved our Beach Bungalow, the meals were excellent (loved the international and even local cuisine), the schedule seemed a little rigid at first, but having dived a couple of days, I see why they do it that way, and it works well. The boats were fabulous - a little Indonesia fare and easy to dive from and climb on. Of course the reef & marine life was all that we expected, and I was impressed (and still am) with all the support that the resort gives for marine life ID and study and conservation that goes on."
Claire K. -- OK

"Wakatobi is an incredibly charming dive destination. The privately positioned bungalows among the palms, the coral white sand, the sparking aqua blue water and the fabulous marine life is the quintessential "Island Dream." The diving is about the best I've ever had. The dive boats were spacious, the dive staff outstanding and every dive site mixed and interesting. I am still weaning myself from the 5,000 calorie a day meal plant, which in and of itself is a comment on the food. One of the most impressive experiences of this trip was the over the top service provided by Wakatobi and Island dreams. I am not speaking about the service at the resort, while that was exceptional, what really caught my attention was the service provided pre and post trip. I spent a week in Bali before the dive adventure, to see the countryside and the culture of Bali. Upon arriving after 25 hours of travel from Los Angeles and in more than a bit of a fog, I was met at the airport by a smiling and very helpful Wakatobi staff member who handled my visa, handled my luggage, guided me on conversion tables and tipping, and handled my connection to a driver to a hotel unaffiliated with Wakotobi. The same level of attention also occurred on the back end of my trip. This level of service to accommodated my travel needs with services unaffiliated with diving or Wakatobi was the icing my trip. It made my trip stress free and delightful."
Jill C. -- CA

Wakatobi Nudibranch - Copyright 2009, Ken Knezick, Island Dreams


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