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Your Responsibility
as a Traveler and a Diver

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Traveler's Responsibility - Island Dreams Travel wants you to have a safe, fun, and satisfying holiday. Our business is predicated on serving our customers needs, and as a result, we are proud of our strong repeat-business clientele. However, we cannot, and do not accept responsibility for any and all of the eventualities which may occur during the course of your trip. Be advised that you must read, understand, and accept Island Dreams' "Terms and Conditions." You are further advised that:

Diver's Responsibility - Island Dreams is a strong supporter of the Scuba Diving Resource Group's "Responsible Diver Program." Island Dreams expects all scuba diving and snorkeling clients to abide by the "Code of the Responsible Diver," which states that,

"As a Responsible Diver I understand and assume all the risks I may encounter while diving. My responsible diving duties include:

If you are a responsible diver and traveler, we look forward to the pleasure of serving you. However, if you are not willing to abide by these tenets, as well as Island Dreams' Terms and Conditions, or if you are unwilling to personally accept responsibility for your own actions, personal liability and well being, please do not make use of the services of Island Dreams Travel.