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Tawali Resort, PNG -- Frequently Asked Questions

Tawali Resort - Papua New Guinea

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Tawali Resort - Papua New Guinea What is the electrical power available at Tawali? -- Tawali has two 80KVA, one 40KVA and one 20KVA generators with 240 volts throughout the resort, with USA=style 110 volt in selected areas.

What dive equipment should I bring or recommended? -- Most divers provide all their own personal equipment including BC, Regulator, Mask, Fins, Snorkel, Computer and Gauges. Tawali though has equipment available regulators, gauges and computers and BC's for rent. Please let us know in advance of equipment needs.

What is my baggage allowance?

What are the diving seasons in Milne Bay and the corresponding water temperatures? -- Winter and summer seasons are the opposite from seasons in North America, so when it is winter here it is summer in PNG. Water temperatures vary from 79 to 84 degrees and warm water suits are usually sufficient for diving comfort. Diving seasons in Milne Bay do not vary as dramatically during the years as other locations though traditionally the months of August through December have been considered the dry season, though year round visibility and marine life seems to stay fairly consistent. The beginning of February can have westerly winds, which will affect the ability to get to some dive sites.

Tawali Resort - Papua New Guinea What are the accommodations like at Tawali? -- Tawali has ten spacious rooms each with two queen size beds, private balconies, modern bathrooms, air conditioning, work desk, in room and balcony seating and safes in each room. Rosewood details make each room warm and inviting.

What facilities are for photographers at Tawali? -- Since most dive guests at Tawali are underwater photographers to one degree or another we have made Tawali a photographer friendly resort. Each room has a work desk for setting up of camera systems and each dive boat has a two-tiered camera table. Also the library is set up to allow digital photographers to edit photos on site. Rinse tanks are on all boats and staff is available to help with all cameras and dive equipment as needed.

What if I get seasick? -- Though Milne Bay is a naturally protected area and is usually calm outer reefs at times may get a little rougher. If you are susceptible to seasickness please bring medicine with you.

Do I need travel insurance? -- Yes. For exotic and very remote destinations such as PNG, Travel Insurance is STRONGLY advised.

Do I need emergency evacuation insurance (DAN)? -- As many of the dive sites are in very remote locations, Divers Alert Network (DAN) dive insurance or other comparable plans are required at Tawali. Dive insurance will expedite treatment if it becomes necessary.

What is the diving skill level necessary for the dive sites frequented by Tawali and M/V Chertan? -- Most dive sites are fairly easy diving with little or no current. However, there are dive sites which we visit, which are open ocean pinnacles where the currents maybe stronger. Appropriate precautions should be exercised.

What if I have special dietary needs? -- The selection of food in P.N.G. is always good, but not consistent, so if you have special dietary needs or requests for certain items, or drinks you should note this on your application, which will be forwarded to the resort. Please do not wait until the last minute as food supplies are purchased prior to your arrival.

Will I have access to telephone service, e-mail service or fax while at the resort? -- Yes, you will have access to all communications by satellite phone service. This service is at the guest's additional expense.

What measures have been taken by the Tawali Resort to protect the marine environment of Milne Bay? -- Shell buying bans protect the balance of marine life, all sewage is treated and run off is turned to garden water, permanently moored artificial fishing structures provide villagers a consistent supply of fish without causing reef damage. Moorings have been placed on frequently visited dive sites.

Tawali Resort - Papua New Guinea

Is it safe to drink the water? -- All fresh water is filtered through an ultra violet purification system; the water is safe to drink both in bungalows and in the main lodge.

What is the water availability at the resort? -- Water conservation is always encouraged yet Tawali has both well water and 2500-gallon tanks for rainwater collection under each building.

What are the clothing recommendations? -- Clothing is casual; we do recommend a windbreaker type jacket for the evenings in case it gets cool, and good walking shoes if you wish to do some of the hikes. You should bring plenty of sunscreen and insect repellent for the bush walks.

Is oxygen available at the resort? -- Yes, there is sufficient oxygen to treat divers if needed.

What about malaria? -- Be advised that malaria does exist throughout Papua New Guinea. At Island Dreams, we are travel specialists, not medical professionals. We do not prescribe drugs, nor are we trained to give medical advice. That said, we strongly recommend that all visitors to PNG take malaria prophylaxis. You are advised to contact a physician with an understanding of malaria prevention for additional insight, and a prescription for a preventative drug such as Malarone. For a better understanding of the situation, you may begin here: www.malarone.com.

How many dives can I do per day? -- Diving is at your discretion, though guided by your computers limits. Divers can dive up to four times a day and special dives during early morning hours may be arranged.

When I choose to go to Milne Bay, why choose Tawali verses available liveaboards? -- Until the opening of Tawali liveaboard boats were divers only option in visiting Milne Bay. Unlike other locations Tawali can offer you access to the same dive sites as all the liveaboards in Milne Bay and the same frequency of dives. What Tawali does offer that liveaboards can't is the choice to dive when you want or to enjoy the topside activities and tours available. You will not have to sacrifice your diving experience for the far more comfortable accommodations and privacy you get at Tawali.

Tawali Resort - Papua New Guinea

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Tawali Resort - Papua New Guinea

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